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An exciting day. We're introducing our #Blockchain Integration Technology.

Find out what it means for the future...

We previously wrote about all the benefits of Blockchain technology. The problem is getting from here to there has one major issue — legacy. Previous systems are in place and working. They are delivering now. So why replace them? With Blockchain Integration Technology (BIT) you can implement Blockchain in an evolutionary manner.

Blockchain does not fix everything

We are sure you have read plenty of articles telling you that Blockchain is the solution to every problem. One day maybe it will be but, right now, the benefits it brings are best focused on some specific uses. That means understanding where best to use existing technologies and where best to integrate blockchain. Our work over the past few years has given us the insight to look for those dividing lines.

Even starting a business today and looking to implement Blockchain will still require the use of legacy systems or the ability to interface with other businesses not yet using Blockchain.

No time for a revolution

Let us be honest, persuading organisations to spend money replacing perfectly good, functioning systems is always a challenge. Especially when money is tight and the costs and benefits do not justify the investment required. So, for those organisations, we decided to focus on delivering a Blockchain-based solution that will integrate with what they already have.

Yes, Blockchain is revolutionary, but with Blockpool’s BIT, moving to this new world is an evolutionary process. The cost and time to develop each blockchain integration is reduced and you can use this with future Blockchains that you may implement.

A BIT of an introduction

Blockchain is a store of data. It can be any data. The question is what do you do to get the data in and out. That is where the BIT comes in. We have developed an Enterprise Service Bus that is agnostic about the data that passes through it. To summarise, you can use to either:

  • Interface your existing systems to the blockchain to send data in to the chain and/or take data from the chain, or
  • Use the BIT to create an interface between two different systems that cannot yet communicate due to a lack of commonality.

Technologically we have used an API (Application Programming Interface) based on an object-orientated coding model (the most common form of software development). This API will additionally be able to connect to a series of Plugins. These plugins will either be bespoke for more esoteric systems or out of the box for more common solutions.

Where an organisation really gains from the use of the BIT is no knowledge is required of the fundamental blockchain technology. Like any API, you need to know what to put in and what will come out.

We will be talking more about our plugins and universal API as we continue our development. The exciting thing is, like any API we cannot know how many new applications will become possible thanks to it.