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    Kevin is one of the UK's leading authorities on the music industry. Having started his career as a bass player for Comsat Angels (nine albums released during the 1980s), Kevin went on to build Axis Studios with the support of Island Records founder, Chris Blackwell.


    He also developed and produced the late Ephraim Lewis with Jonathan Quarmby, kick-starting a 20 year partnership together working with Brit and Grammy award-winning albums and artists over the next decade with artists including Finely Quaye, David Bowie, Ian Brown, the Pretenders, the Sugababes, Lighthouse Family, Ziggy Marley, Longpigs, Plan B and many more.


    In 2002, Kevin became an A&R consultant for Island Records under Nick Gatfield, and in 2004 moved into RAK studios in London which was to become his base for the next 10 years.


    In 2004, Kevin co-founded AWAL (Artists Without A Label), a digital music platform that offered a groundbreaking "artist-friendly" services. By 2011, when AWAL was acquired by Kobalt, it had represented over 3,500 artists, including Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys. Now recently acquired by Sony Music.


    Kevin also launched Buzzdeck in 2008, the first dedicated music analytics tool giving artists access to iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Digital sales alongside almost every social statistic available.


    Kevin continues to work closely with artists, writers, producers, performing rights organisations and music technology companies, and remains committed to finding new platforms and models for the music industry that best serve artists and consumers alike.

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    Family In Music

    Otakaari 5
    02150 Espoo


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     Ochre is a D2C retail technology company helping labels, artists, distributors and brands to run their direct to consumer operations. Ochre also offers warehousing and store management services, providing a flexible set of tools for music companies.

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    EarthPercent is a charity providing a simple way for the music industry to support the most impactful organisations addressing the climate emergency.

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    Tailwind Entertainment


    Tailwind Entertainment is an advisory firm focusing on music and media royalties. Combining knowledge and experience from the creative and finance industries, Tailwind conducts research on a global scale to identify interesting investment opportunities.

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    Original Works


    Where creators and rights holders govern their OWN economy and exchange value in IP securely.

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    Revelator is a platform for artists, labels, and distributors to track their assets, rights and data. It's clearly the best - and that's why I'm proud to be spreading the message.

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    Blockchain as a future technology influencing the music industry and many others - forging a path towards decentralisation and multi-sync technology.

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    I've been a member since 1981 when I relied on them to pay my gas and phone bill. They are a crucial part of a writers life and any contribution I can make is a privilege.

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    A partnership exploring the possibilities of 360 videos and immersive audio.

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    Bowers & Wilkins


    Collaboration between Bowers & Wilkins and Burberry to produce fully immersive pristine recordings for emerging artists.

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    OpenLIVE have created the world's first  scalable 'End-To-End' Live music creation and distribution platform.

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    RetroFuzz was born out of a love of music, lifestyle, and creative technology. That will do for me.

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    Laced Records


    I helped found in 2015, Laced Records specialises in soundtrack releases and merchandise for your favourite video games. Acquired by Keywords Studios in 2018.

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    CORD is a strategic consultancy leading the way in music-first marketing.

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    We broke ground in transparency, technology and rights.

    Now part of the Sony Music Group since January 2021.

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    9 albums, 3 major labels, quite a lot of touring.

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    We produced a lot of records, mainly at our own place in Sheffield or in London at RAK studios - but also New Orleans to Bamako.







    Bowers & Wilkins with Burberry

    June 2016

    one special surround microphone, no headphones, no overdubs. you hear what the artist heard in the studio - nothing else.

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    We stood around and all agreed we could build something that nobody had seen before - sales, streams, radio and social. We did - and still nobody else has.

    Now part of the Federation X group of companies.

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    Play, Create, Manage and Release

    We have created the worlds first truly scalable and 'End-To-End' Live Music Distribution & Content Management System.


    A financial analytical platform for YouTube Partners

    Now available in Beta


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